Terms & Conditions

Wedding booking policy for makeovers:

All weddings are subject to a minimum booking of either: Two hair and makeups, or four makeups. Therefore, after the rehearsal, if numbers are reduced to less than the minimum booking policy, the minimum package charge will still be applied.


The client: The recipient of the service.

The company: Alison McMath

The agreement: The contract that exists between the client and Alison McMath for the agreed fee.

The fee: The amount payable by the client to the company for the services listed above.

The event: Relates in principal to the date whereby the event, 'the wedding' takes place.

The guests: Additional members of the bridal party.

Home base: The company address, in Chorley, PR7 1XE.

Styling team: Two members of the Alison McMath team (one to be Alison McMath). More members of our team may be needed on events with more than five clients.

How to book Alison for your wedding makeover

1) The event is only reserved once the client has pre-paid for the rehearsal (£90) by bank transfer (please scroll down this page for bank details). A confirmation email with receipt will be sent to the client.

2) Following pre-payment of the rehearsal, the event is then secured until ten days after the rehearsal date. At the rehearsal the client will be given an invoice for the event deposit, which will be 50% of the event services. 

3) This invoice has to be paid within ten days of the rehearsal or the event will not be reserved.

4) The client will be invoiced for the remaining balance, no later than four weeks before the event.

5) If a rehearsal is not applicable, the client will be invoiced for 50% of the event services to secure the booking.

Booking your wedding more than 12 months in advance

If you want to reserve the event more than twelve months in advance, a non-refundable payment of £90 is required. This is a pre-payment for the rehearsal. The rehearsal appointment can be booked at the time of payment or at a later date if required. The client will be emailed a receipt.

The rehearsal

The rehearsal is done at Alison's home-base. Due to limited space, a rehearsal for the bride and no more than one other guest is recommended. If more guests require a rehearsal, a separate booking will have to be made.

Styled photo shoots

Full payment is required in advance of the studio or location photo shoot. An additional fee is required if the shootlocation is more than ten miles from PR7 1XE. This additional charge will bequoted in advance of your booking. With regard to location shoots, in case ofinclement weather conditions, your booking may have to be changed. If this isthe case, you will be given as much notice as possible and your booking will berescheduled to another date. The company will send a website link to the clientso they can view their gallery and choose their digital image/s. No discountswill be given if the client decides they want fewer images.


Payments can be made by debit/credit card or bank transfer. The Bride's rehearsal is paid for in advance to secure the event. However, additional guests wishing to have a rehearsal may pay for it on the rehearsal day itself. The 50% event deposit fee is to be paid by the client within ten days of the rehearsal date. The balance is to be paid in full by the client four weeks before the event. Failure to pay the fee within the stated time will result in the event date being released. All payments are non-refundable.

Client's responsibility

The client shall inform the company of any issues that may affect the use of any equipment or products. This includes, but is not limited to sensitivities, allergies and medical conditions. The company cannot be held liable for anything that incurs due to the clients failure to inform them of any know or unknown condition. The purpose of the rehearsal includes, but is not limited to, the testing of different brands of cosmetics to see if the client has a reaction to any of the products. The client accepts responsibility for this, by agreeing to pre-pay for the rehearsal. It is the responsibility of the client to inform the company of any subsequent reactions to any products used, so amendments can be made before the event. If the company suspects the products to be unsuitable for a specific skin condition, based on information given from the client, they may refuse the service. The company reserves the right to refuse service to the client or members of the party for, but not limited to, abusive or threatening behaviour.


The client can re-schedule a bridal rehearsal butmust give three days notice of cancellation. If three days notice is not given, any future rehearsal will be chargedat the full rate again. The client can cancel the event at any point inwriting. Four weeks notice of cancellation is required. The company will beunder no obligation to refund any money paid up until point of cancellation,however the client will not be liable for any further payments. Cancellationsby the company due to circumstances including, but not limited to, problemsrendering the makeup artist’s performance of their obligations, only where noother suitable alternative can be given, a full refund will be given to theclient. No further compensation will be offered. However, in the highlyunlikely scenario of your specified stylist being unable to attend your event(due to unforeseen circumstances such as bereavement, serious illness or arandom act of God) the company will in the first instance, offer you analternative stylist from the styling team. If the booking is directlyaffected by circumstance beyond the control of the stylist, where possible thecompany will endeavour to rectify such situations. However, no compensation willbe offered on the company part. It is strongly advised you take out weddinginsurance to cover you against these situations.

Travel expenses for wedding makeovers

A minimum call-out charge of £10 is applicable for travel to your location if outside Chorley. Please ask for a quote. The client will cover any parking charges. Accommodation will be required to be provided by the client, the evening before a full-day wedding service, if the styling team is required before 8am at an event more than 1.5 hours away from PR7 1XE.

Payment and bankdetails

To payfor your photo shoot, rehearsal, wedding makeovers, deposit orbalance, BACS transfer and all major credit and debit cards are accepted. Bank:Santander, name: Alison McMath, sort code: 09-06-66, account number: 40075677. Please addyour name as reference.

IMPORTANT NOTE: By financially securing your deposit you accept these terms of contract.

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