Are you a woman over 50?

There are so many reasons to rejoice at being over 50. From a purely personal viewpoint, age really is just a number and I have so much energy for life and enjoy living it to its fullest. There are so many women like me who are following their dreams. Some women have been through tough times and hardship but have come through stronger and more determined. Some may still be struggling. We all have a story. However, it's also a fact that some women can feel like they have been dismissed by society when they reach a certain age.

My mission is to set the record straight and it's going to be addressed right here and now in an empowering series of portraits.

Whatever your story, I want to hear from you!

I provide modern and contemporary portrait photography. For this campaign, I am photographing 50 women over the age of 50 to celebrate their unique beauty and wisdom. Once my project is complete, my aim is to present an exhibition and a book to showcase to the world these incredible women in all their magnificence. I am now taking applications from women over the age of 50 who would like to participate.

he project will be promoted in many ways so you’ll need to be happy with…

Only 50 women can participate.

Are you 1 of my 50?

If photographers are responsible for creating or reflecting an image of women in society, then I must say, there is only one way for the future, and this is to define women as strong and independent.

This should be the responsibility of photographers today: to free women, and finally everyone, from the terror of youth and perfection.

Peter Lindbergh, photographer


  • Share your story in the portrait gallery.

  • Stand proud and appreciate your perfect imperfections.

  • Give a voice to your incredible spirit.

  • Exist forever in beautiful, fashion-inspired, timeless portraits.

I want to create a range of stunning images of women from diverse backgrounds, and of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities, all aged 50 or over. You don't have to be a model in fact, quite the opposite. My hope is for you to see yourself as you have never seen yourself before.




A consultation with wardrobe styling help and advice.

Professional makeup and hair styling.

3-5 outfit changes.

Makeup re-touches throughout your shoot.

A fully guided photoshoot.

A viewing appointment.

An 16x20" gallery print which will be displayed and you will take after the exhibition.

Inclusion in the gallery exhibition.

Inclusion in the accompanying book.

You have the option to purchase more prints at your viewing, however you are under no obligation to do so. I want you to fall in love with your photographs but it's entirely up to you what you buy. Prints start from £125 and photo boxes from £225. Here is my product price guide.


There are some fantastic images from my photoshoot with Alison. What an uplifting experience!

It made me feel so good and was a real boost. Alison encouraged me to try different looks.

I trusted her judgement and am so pleased that I did! She brought out a whole new ‘me’. Big thanks also to Tracey Andersen, makeup professional from ‘A Bit Gorgeous’. Although Covid circumstances meant I did my own makeup, Tracey’s creative advice really helped.


- Louise



I am a 56 year old mother; grand-mother; wife; daughter; sister and friend. I love to photograph women and there is a strong sense of fashion and beauty styling in the work I produce. I am very privileged to do what I do. I aim to offer you the best experience and the most beautiful photographs you have ever seen of yourself. Please join me on this revolutionary adventure and together we will show the world how great it is to be 50+


Absolutely honoured to be chosen as a model for Alison McMath and her forthcoming prestigious photography exhibition. She is such a talented and recognised professional. I would absolutely recommend Alison to anyone requiring a photography service.


I've been called a lot of things but a 'Wise Woman' is definitely up there with the best!

Alison McMath what a fabulous journey you are on. I am 'proud' to say I was included in your journey and involved in your 50 over 50 Campaign.

A great experience and a  great laugh. Triangles, chin, smile!


I had my photoshoot this week! It was absolutely amazing. Ladies you will not be disappointed. Alison was amazing all the way through, making everything so easy and comfortable. If anybody is still feeling a little nervous don’t be, just get excited!


This image of me taken by Alison is now proudly hanging in my home. It shows me in my true light: My silver hair, the lines around my eyes but most importantly it shows the real me. I have always detested having my photograph taken, shaped by my history, I never saw myself as beautiful. This image has changed the way I see myself and it has changed how I show up in life. When I look at the photo I see a woman who has lived a good life, who needed a mirror held up to herself to see what others see. Never underestimate the power of an image. Give yourself this gift and allow Alison to show you how amazing the experience is.


Taking part in the photoshoot was a fabulous experience. I was quite nervous and felt a bit self conscious but Alison soon put me at ease. As for the results? Wow! What an eye for getting the best out of me! I was thrilled with the results and the whole experience is something I will remember for a very long time. Thank you!


I really enjoyed my shoot with Alison. Before the shoot we chatted about ideas we both had and produced story boards. This was very helpful on the day as we had a plan to follow. I felt extremely confident to place myself in Alison’s hands and she enabled me to feel relaxed and less nervous. The location was so unique and it was an experience I will never forget. I love the photos.


Alison made my photo shoot a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Along with her expertise and lovely personality, it was a day I will always remember.


Taking part in this photo shoot was beyond any expectation of a “makeover” experience. Before during and after I was made to feel involved. It felt personal, tailor made for me, sincere and Alison put her passion and vision into it. The results speak for themselves. I felt empowered and looked and felt 10 years younger.



I'll be starting the next phase of the campaign as soon as lockdown ends. 

Please apply now to be added to my campaign list. 

Thank you for your interest.

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Please confirm you are 50 years old or above and if accepted, consent to your photographs being published and/or exhibited
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