My job is to guide you step-by-step through the session process so you get the best from your experience. I cannot wait to create images that help you market successfully as you connect better with your target audience whether it be for business or social channels. It all starts with a little bit of self-awareness. I’d first like to know more about you. What sets you apart from the colleague next door. Your online personal brand is an extension of who you are, that includes your looks as well as your personal style and your personality. The more information I have for the day of your photoshoot, the better the images. We start with a consultation which is about creating the most powerful elements in your marketing campaign. Let’s get it right!

Here is some additional reading relating to how I price for commercial photography.

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    My background in fashion and beauty has certainly had its benefits. Drawing on that experience, I incorporate all I have learned into producing beautiful and eye-catching imagery that will grab your client's attention. 

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    Everyone needs a good headshot and I always go the extra mile to make them look great. First impressions really do count, so make it a fantastic one. Choose from three headshot packages to suit your requirements.

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    Have you been hiding from the camera? There's never been a better time to step-up and connect with your customers. You are the best representation of your brand after all. Let's make beautiful imagery together. 

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