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I'm not photogenic and don't know how to pose

It's not your job to be photogenic or be good in front of the camera. Believe me, saying 'I'm not photogenic' is something the majority of people say. It's my job to guide you through your photoshoot and show you the most beautiful photos you have ever seen of yourself. I have hundreds of poses and know how to create the best angles and lines that will flatter you. Unless you are a repeat client, this isn't like any other session you have had before.

What will I wear?

Bring, black, white or neautral underwear. Wear a strapless bra if possible to avoid marks. Bring your favourite outfits or borrow from friends and family. You can also rent gowns. I have created a useful style and skin prep guide to help you. I have a few assessories and pieces I can pull from my styling wardrobe too.

Can I be photographed with anyone else?

Yes absolutely! I encourage you to bring a friend, your daughter or your mum to the photoshoot. It will be a wonderful pampering experience for you and a fabulous girls day out to boot! The session fee includes hair and makeup for up to two people, so it will be lovely to share the experience. At the end of the shoot your family is welcome to join you for more photographs. There is an additional fee if there are more than five family members.

Do you photograph men?

Yes, absolutely! I photograph fathers, sons, partners and male friends. Everyone deserves great portraits of themselves.


How much does it cost and what's included?

Your session fee is £150 and is for the photoshoot, studio time and personal viewing appointment (The Reveal). Included is a complimentary makeup and hairstyling service for up to two people. If additional people require hair and makeup assistance it is £40 per person. Two weeks after your session you will come to a reveal appointment where you will view your edited photographs. Wall art starts at £125 and collections start at £850. I want you to absolutely love your portraits but there is no obligation to buy. There is no minimum purchase, hard-sell or obligation to buy. What you purchase is entirely up to you.

Can I buy the digital images?

Yes you can. With the purchase of every digital file you receive its matching 11 x 14" matted print. Every digital file is delivered in both colour and black and white.

Are there any other additional fees?

There is an additinal fee of for families above five or if the location shoot is more that 20 miles from Chorley, Lancashire.

Do you provide a contact to read and sign?

Yes, at the time of ordering and paying for products you are required to read and sign a contract.


Why do I need photos of myself?

First of all, you deserve to see yourself in portraits. There are so many reasons to have photographs of yourself. You can use them as work head shots, for social media or for website use. They could be for your partner or your family, or more importantly, because you've never had photographs you love of yourself. There's never been a better time to step up and do something positive for yourself.

I'm too old/I need to loose weight first

A similar answer to 'Why do I need photos of myself?' It's my job to make you look and feel great. I want this to be a wonderful and empowering experience for you. There has never been a better time for you to exist in photographs. Legacy portraits that will be treasured and passed on through future generations, that will be here long after we've gone. It's time to step up and do something positive for yourself.

Who owns the copyright?

Alison McMath Photography owns the copyright of all images and reserves the right to use in advertising, display, competition, publication, trade or vendor recognition. Your name and personal information will never be revealed or shared. Digital files and previews remail the sole property of Alison McMath Photography.

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