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About   MastectoME

More than forty women are Included. Each will receive a personalised body art creation and styling by artist Anya Pogodzinska. They will then be photographed by me and gifted a beautiful print as a memento of their day. We aim for this to be a positive and empowering experience, enabling each woman to feel beautiful and more confident about themselves.

Gallery Exhibition

At the end of the project we will exhibit a gallery of gorgeous prints to show the strength, beauty and courage of these incredible women.

Limited Editon Pink Pepper & Rose Candle






Please help to fund our project. Anya and I are providing this incredible service free of charge to all the women taking part. We aren't making any profit but would appreciate any help we can get towards our expenses.


Your donation however small, will go towards the cost of art and styling materials, makeup and hairstyling products, printing, a goodie bag, transport, studio costs and a gallery exhibition afterwards. 


Any money left in the pot at the end of the project will be donated to cancer charities.


Please donate directly by BACS transfer to our project account and send us a message to let us know so we can thank you.

Alison McMath

Monzo Bank



Our Crowdfunding page is another way you can donate.





Pauline - 

"A big thank you to Alison who photographed me discreetly throughout my transformation and to Anya for the beautiful makeup and body art skilfully and artfully applied. I truly appreciated both your efforts and felt totally different from my usual plain self. To anyone thinking of having this worthwhile makeover I would say go ahead. A truly once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you to both of you once again and best wishes for the future." 

From Pauline's daughter -

"We know our Mum is beautiful , but sometimes she forgets and concentrates on the more negative side of what life has manifested .

Alison and Anna captured the inner warrior with such elegance, beauty and poise, the fighter we know Mum has always been throughout her life. Thank you for all your creativity and hard work, but also for your understanding and patience, you truly spent time getting to know Mum’s personality. For anyone considering this project, just do it. It’s a wonderous revelation, not just for you but for your family too."


Debbie's Photoshoot

"My initial impression on arrival was how welcoming Alison and Anya were. We were immediately put at ease and specifically it was lovely for the girls to connect so quickly and excitedly about what awaited the following day. 

When the day came we chatted on the patio outside the studio and could have talked for hours. I left the girls for a short while but was eager to return as I felt adventure fun and creativity awaited. I was welcomed back with the girls of industry and art. It was thrilling to see the day evolve and the talent work their magic.


The day flew by. Each pose and adaptation, lens and colour change was delivered with fine tuning. It was a privilege to watch and be a part of it, as I saw my beautiful girl transformed into almost a mythical creature, a showgirl from another plain. Sharing this experience was overwhelming at times but truly wonderful and enriching.


A huge part of that was the nature, nurture and care the girls, the artists , conducted themselves with. I feel this is the start of something special for us and for all those lucky enough to take part in the project. They are in the absolute best hands possible. "

- Sincere thanks to Graham who wrote this review.