This event should have come with a health warning! I took more photographs than at a wedding - filling all my memory cards. I also pulled a ligament in my arm due to taking the full weight of my camera all day because I was so afraid of missing something.  All that said, it has to be up there as one of the highlights of my photography career. I was extremely privileged to be given a back stage pass to this prestigious event. Ronnie & Suzy Orr were the organisers and they saw to it that I got access to all areas. It certainly was an eye-opener for me. The blood, sweat and tears that goes into the pursuit of absolute bodily perfection was jaw-dropping. The athletes were very obliging in allowing me into their world for a few hours. I set out to capture the emotion and excitement of the competition from behind the scenes, a place no-one usually gets to see. I thoroughly enjoyed telling the story of their big day. It was all too much for me in the end. I had to have a lie down. My beetroot face was kindly cooled down and refreshed by Shirley of Stressless Beauty & Holistics.