Getting Camera-Ready for the New Normal

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Since the beginning of lock-down I've been busy all day and every day. I've been creating, planning, thinking and preparing for every eventuality.

It's pretty clear makeup services are right down on the list of businesses allowed to get back to work after lock-down. It doesn't look like it's anytime soon either. So, rather than thinking of it as a problem it's forced me to find a solution.

And that solution is that I am no longer offering makeover services! At least not for the foreseeable future. I had to make the call because it's important I get going with my photoshoots in the safest possible way. In addition, if there's a second influx I'll be back at square one and I don't want that to be an option. My decision therefore has been made.

Instead I will be sending every client a beautiful makeup guide and video which will instruct them on how to achieve a camera-ready makeup for themselves.

In the guide is preparation advice for skin, nails and hair plus tips on wardrobe styling and what to bring. The complimentary video shows me doing my own makeup which is photographed for the cover of the guide.

And to prove it works here is a of snapshot of my friend who has followed the makeup guide and achieved great results. She commented that it was easy to follow, (took her 10 minutes) and she loved the natural results.

This particular guide is aimed at my over 50 clients but it's a versatile makeup that will suit all ages. It's a classic and timeless look that is simple to achieve and looks beautiful.

I aim to make every photo session a fun and enjoyable experience. It will continue to be so. It's just that now it will be done in a different way.

If you love my photography and would like to learn more about the portrait experience please contact me to discuss your ideas.