Green Planet Candle Co Branding

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

"Having Alison's help with personal branding has proved to be a great investment. Customers can now better connect with me as the 'face' behind the Green Planet Candle Co brand.

Alison is, without question, a very talented photographer but it takes more than that to achieve the right image for your commercial enterprise. She came to the shoot fully prepared, knowing exactly my vision and the story behind the brand. She had lots of additional ideas that even I hadn't thought about!

I don't like having my photo taken so having Alison direct the shoot resulted in a host of natural, personable photographs that exceeded all my expectations. I actually love seeing myself in print now and can't thank Alison enough!"

It was fantastic to get my creative head on again after months of lockdown. Louise launched her eco friendly online candle business a few months ago and I'm glad to report business is booming. However there was one thing missing from Louise's perfect website, namely photos of herself.

Something her customers could connect with. Putting a personality to your business is essential. Now Louise's customers can actually see her candle making process from start to finish as well as some beautiful natural shots of Louise herself.

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