Isolation Creativity

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Since the pandemic lock-down I haven't been stuck for creative photography ideas. From restoring old photographs to re-visiting projects and viewing with a fresh set of eyes, it's been an enjoyable and very productive experience. I also need to keep my photography skills in-practice so have set up a little make-do studio at home. Self-portraits are challenging! I mean, just the very idea of taking your own photograph (and I don't mean a selfie) is quite difficult. For the first set of self portraits I didn't have a remote trigger so had to focus on a substitute then run into place, pose and do the right expression. The plus side though, is that you get to try out new hair and makeup styles. You can try out poses and expressions without feeling self-conscious that anyone is watching or judging you. And there is absolutely no rush. It takes the best part of your day depending on how many looks you go for. After that you have all the tidying up to do and then you can set about with the editing. My intention is to do a different lighting set-up using just one light (because that's all I have at home) for each set. Here are a few of my self-portraits so far. I am sure there will be more to follow in the next few weeks as lock-down continues. Here are a few things I have considered when taking my own portrait. They are actually the same things that I would think about for any photo shoot I plan:

  1. Makeup and hair styling

  2. Lighting/mood

  3. Background colour

  4. Posing

  5. Clothing and accessories

  6. Expression

  7. Post production