Recently, Rebecca Chesters, the creative mind behind New Cards on the Block, collaborated with me on a recent photoshoot. Rebecca’s business, known for its unique blend of illustrated wedding stationery, live sketching, greeting cards, printed products, workshops, and many other bespoke designs, came to life in this session. The photoshoot was an inspiring blend of creativity, personality, and professionalism, perfectly capturing the essence of New Cards on the Block.

I hope my expertise in capturing the spirit of a business through my lens, is evident in this photoshoot. I helped Rebecca feel comfortable and confident which is reflected in the natural and vibrant photos. I highlighted the personal touch behind New Cards on the Block, which is what makes these photos stand out.

The headshots of Rebecca are not just photographs; they tell a story. Each image exudes a sense of warmth, creativity, and approachability- intrinsic to Rebecca and her business. The combination of casual and professional shots provides a well-rounded visual narrative, perfect for various branding needs.

Rebeccas’ business branding and headshot photoshoot with me is a perfect example of how powerful imagery can effectively communicate a brand's essence. New Cards on the Block, with its diverse offerings and creative services, is beautifully represented through my lens. If you want to bring your brand to life through compelling photography, Alison McMath Photography is an excellent choice.

Here's what Rebecca said:

"I've had the most amazing morning with Alison McMath Photography. Alison did some business headshots for me so that I can use on my website and other promotional gubbins!

I highly recommend Alison. She made me feel at ease and we had a lot of fun. She played around with lighting and guided me on how to stand and hold myself for each shot. What an empowering experience."

For more about New Cards on the Block and Rebecca’s stunning creations, visit New Cards on the Block and explore the magic she brings to every project.