At the end of April, I embarked on a journey from the UK to Denver, Colorado, to attend the Spring Alchemy Workshop, led by the renowned photographer Jonny Edward. It was an intense, creative-packed weekend that left a lasting impact on me and my photography.

Jonny Edward gave us his all, sharing his vast knowledge and inspiring us to push our creative boundaries. The workshop was not just about learning new techniques; it was a transformational experience that empowered each of us as artists. I had the privilege of meeting fellow creatives from across the USA, all bringing their unique perspectives and energy to the group.

One of the highlights was photographing dozens of incredibly diverse models, dressed in an array of stunning costumes. We had the opportunity to contribute our ideas to the setups, which included various settings and backdrops. Using constant light and modifiers, we experimented with different lighting techniques to create compelling images. The collaborative atmosphere and the freedom to explore our creativity made it a truly special experience.

As the weekend drew to a close, we gathered together and relaxed, sharing stories and experiences until late. It was a moment when we all verged into a single creative space and made magic happen.

I'm excited to share the images I created during this workshop with prospective clients. These photos (this is just a small selection) showcase my ability to capture diverse subjects and settings, highlighting my skills in lighting and composition.

If you're looking for a photographer who can bring creativity and passion to your project, look no further. Check out my portfolio to see the magic we created in Denver and imagine what we can achieve together.

Explore my work and let's create something extraordinary.