Enter a Amanda Green's Transformative Personal Brand Photoshoot

In the world of transformative coaching, Amanda Green shines as a beacon of inspiration. It's down to her own personal transformation that she is so well equipped to help others transform their lives and their businesses in the most incredible way.

Amanda's recent photoshoot with Alison McMath Photography captures the essence of her coaching business, Amanda Green Coaching.

Driven by a profound 'why', Amanda's mission is clear: guide individuals to live their fullest lives and elevate their capacity for service. The photos tell a powerful story of Amanda's power and awakening, using simple white netting to symbolise her emergence into clarity.

These images, rich in symbolism, depict Amanda in moments of confidence and poise. They convey the courage and integrity she instills in her clients on their transformative journeys.

Amanda's coaching philosophy centers around empowering sensitive and intuitive individuals, driven by a desire to make a difference. Her role is to unlock their inner power, fostering a ripple effect of positive change in both individuals and the organisations they lead.

For those intrigued by Elemental Leadership, here is a link for more information. Her approach goes beyond coaching; it's a holistic journey towards spiritual and emotional intelligence.

Contact Amanda for a confidential chat about your transformative journey. In both her coaching sessions and the captivating images, Amanda radiates inspiration, empowering others to live their fullest lives.

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