Lianna Champ

As a funeral director, Lianna Champ of Champ Funeral Services stands out not only as a director, but also as a compassionate grief councillor and a writer, contributing to various publications all around the globe. My personal brand photography session with Lianna aimed to go beyond traditional headshots, encapsulating the depth of her character and professional versatility.

Empathy in Imagery: Lianna's genuine compassion is the cornerstone of her work. We focused on capturing authentic moments that reflect her empathy and understanding, telling a visual story that resonates with those seeking solace in difficult times.

Versatility in Visuals: Recognising Lianna's role as a writer, we moved beyond standard headshots. Creative shots, showcasing her as someone with a dynamic personality and dedication to her craft. She's certainly not your average funeral director!

A Narrative for Publications: Understanding Lianna's contributions to publications, our curated scenes complement her articles. These images serve as a visual narrative, seamlessly integrating with her written words and creating a cohesive online presence.

The Power of Personal Branding: Lianna Champ's personal brand photography isn't just about capturing her image; it's about conveying the essence of her character and the values she brings to her funeral services and written works. These images authentically represent her, fostering connection and understanding in times of grief.

In essence, my session with Lianna goes beyond visuals, creating a powerful narrative that enhances her online presence and strengthens the connection she forms with her community. Through a combination of traditional headshots and creatively curated images, we've encapsulated the heart of her profession.

Below are a few team headshots I did for Champ Funeral Services. Lianna wanted engaging portraits that brought out their personalities. It was great fun to work with Lianna and her team of professionals.

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